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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Vids - British Bearways (re-post)

Thought I'd re-post this skit because it's fun!

British Bearways is a very funny skit on the whole British Airways flight safety video. Obviously this is one safety video you actually want to pay attention too!  Watch out for the cute cub at the 1:35 mark who gets bound and gagged to his seat.  It's a pity these airlines don't offer this as a premium service - I'd sign up!

Further edited to add - A very nice guy on Recon found a link I was able to get a copy of the video from, so you can all enjoy again!



  1. All leathered up, tied down, and a complimentary gag? I'd sign up right along with you!

  2. Can you imagine the Bear Stewards as they come through the cabin - 'Here is your complimentary gag, boy!' Yes please!

  3. "Will you be sitting in the resisting, or not resisting section of the aircraft?"

    Talk about a dream flight across the pond. Especially with stewards and your fellow passengers ready to give you a hand.

  4. I'll take the resisting area please, let's have a bit of rough.

    Definitely a dream flight!

    But looks like they have disabled the link unfortunately...

  5. Video now uploaded - enjoy people!