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Monday, 22 February 2016


So on Friday night I attended Mancsbound for the first time.  It's a bondage club night held in the Black Eagle in Manchester.
My friends had been trying to get me to go for ages, but I had some personal reservations.  Although I'm quite friendly and outgoing, when something intimidates me, I resist getting involved and make every excuse under the sun to not go.  I'm not saying the club or the people who attend are intimidating, it's just my own personal perceptions at work here.  What can I say, I'm a mass of contradictions!
Anyway, after much pestering (which I am now very grateful for!) I went along on Friday.  I checked with the clubs organiser than what I wanted to wear was okay (and it was) so on Friday off I went with my friend.
When I got there, I joined up and then went to get changed.  I've really wanted to wear my orange prison jumpsuit, so I did just that.  I teamed it with a rubber collar and of course my chastity device was firmly in place.

I was very nervous at first but thankfully I was with friends who kept me relaxed and involved me in everything.  But I need not have worried.  Everyone there was really friendly and I felt very welcome. I relaxed very quickly.
I'd decided to just chill, have a drink and see what was going on.  That was my plan.  Which lasted all of 5 minutes.  Before I knew it, I was strapping my friend into his straitjacket, helping my other friend mummify another guy, then roping my friend in the jacket before going and tormenting the guy in mummification.  Talk about baptism of fire.  But I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  I think it's a testament that I was just relaxed that I dove right in.

About an hour before the end of the night, my friend locked me into a very tight fitting cage, roped me up, blindfolded me and that was me for an hour!  I know there was more than one guy around me, and that was quite the mind fuck.  I felt different sensations from different places, I didn't have a clue what was happening quite frankly.  I could hear someone being flogged over the other side of the bar, and I heard someone mention Guantanamo Bay, referencing the fact I was in the cage in an orange jumpsuit no doubt.

It was a really great night, and I enjoy myself immensely.  Can't wait for next month. I thoroughly recommend attending, and if you do, come over and say hi to me.  I love to meet new people, especially if they're fans of bondage and big men!

And in case you needed evidence:

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