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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Common Questions Answered...

I appreciate when anyone wants to leave a comment on a post.  It means I can see what you guys think and get a little bit of input, and it's nice that you want to communicate with me.  I do try to post a variety of stuff on here, but due to the shrinking amount of material out there, it's getting tougher to do.  But I'm starting to notice the same questions being asked of me, so I thought that I would leave the answers here in the hopes everyone can see.

Can you post more videos from Captured Guys?

Unfortunately no.  I had a comment left on my blog from someone I can only guess as the owner of Captured Guys.  They asked me to stop posting Captured Guys videos.  So to avoid getting a load of grief (that I don't need) I have done as they asked and stopped posting.  I had hoped they would open up a conversation regarding me posting older material from the site, but alas they have gone silent since their initial message.

I am fine to post 3 pictures from any Captured Guys photo set, no more than that.

Why have you taken down post XYZ?  When will you post it up again?

This goes back to the older material on the blog.  Basically, after taking legal advice (due to the draconian pornography laws in the UK) I was advised to take down any material which could be viewed as too extreme (things like heavy heavy bondage, acted out violence, etc.)  This is also the reason I have a huge disclaimer at the head of the blog.

Can you post XYZ clips please?

I get this from time to time.  I appreciate some of you guys have specific things that you want to see, but I try and post things that I think my readers would like, but also things that I like.  I don't have time to go through all my material to find certain things you'd like posted.  Sorry if that sounds like a crappy answer but it's the truth.  The internet is a huge beast and I'm sure you can find what you like somewhere out there.


  1. Thanks for answer. I visit your blog every day and wait for good videos. Greetings mate ;)

    1. Hi! I'm happy to know that you're a frequent visitor and enjoying the videos and pictures. :o)

  2. Ditto here, buddy. Every morning before I visit online newspapers, I take a peek here. All the bloody gloom around the world is counterbalanced by the had on I sport! ;-)

  3. That's good to know...glad this site is keeping you up. LOL