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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Pics - Captured Guys - Ace Foot Worshipped

More Captured Guys foot fun.  There is lots to like about this photo shoot; Ace is very bulky, sexy and looks great all tied up.  But can we take a minute to talk about his captor, hot hot hot - I wouldn't mind seeing him all tied up and gagged.  Somehow, seeing as he is the owner of the site (I believe) that's not gonna happen. Boo.


  1. Hot. I love seeing the gagging process captured in photos! Yes that's the owner. I've seen one pic of him gagged before. It was a Throwback picture with a young Dart (BearBound) in the same picture.

  2. Believe me, it has been suggested ;-0 LOL

  3. He really needs to get into being a sub. If only every now and then, so our appetite can be stated. ;o)