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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Vids - Bearbound - Steelbound Cop (Re-Post)

Remember this gem?  Rigid metal restraints have always been a weakness of mine...

Back with Bearbound.  Want a sexy bear cop gagged, restrained in rigid metal and rope?  You got it!



  1. Wow! What a sexy cop! Wish he were stripped naked and then bound and gagged!

  2. Isn't he just. Would love to have my way with him too!

  3. Uh oh! Join the queue please.

  4. Can't we work him over together? Shame.

  5. Ironhorse looking so hot and sexy, all bound and gagged and struggling!!!! I miss Bearbound, so much there were alot of vids where he is the tormentor and the victim...always so sexy and that stache.....hot daddy cop!!

  6. I agree Paul! It's a shame about Bearbound. There was so much potential. And yes Ironhorse is so sexy; as tormentor or victim. Personally I'd love to be worked over by him.

  7. He used to partner up with another sex, bigger bear called Dwight who also used to dress up as a bear cop - they both looked mighty fine in their uniforms...

  8. Ah yes, I think I know which one Dwight is...