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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Gear - Stocks

Sometimes, I wish I was born several centuries ago so I could have been put into any of these...

I know in reality I would've hated it, criminals weren't exactly treated lightly!  So maybe instead, I'll get my hands on these stocks and play in the comfort of my own home!


  1. I love guys in stocks. Woof Woof!! I agree, in public for real wouldn't be fun, but naked, on display, at the hands of a Sir... WOOF WOOF!!

  2. Well it might be Paul, if it were loads of hot men! ;o)

  3. "....and for stealing a loaf of bread, the prisoner, David Wiltshire, is to be pilloried stark naked from sunrise to sunset. Anyone can come and fondle him and drive him crazy. But he shall not be allowed to spill his evil seed! This is ye royal proclamation of our good King Henry VIII."

  4. Oh what a punishment! Do I get punished for being a pervert then? ;o)

  5. That punishment comes later! And for asking stupid questions, ye King Henry himself will torture you!

  6. Oh dear, now I really am in trouble!

  7. Don't ye worry! Ye good King only gets his wives beheaded in that bloody Tower! You, layman, are in a lot of trouble of the erotic kind!

  8. Well thank god for that, didn't want to face the axe!