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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Gear - Double Rigid Irons

I have a set of these Double Rigid Irons...

But as you can tell from this picture, it's been a while since I've been locked in them...

Maybe I need to find myself some more jailers... 


  1. I'll gladly lock you in them. Woof Woof!!

  2. Is that you, HMB?! Groan! Those humongous man boobs!

  3. I also own the same double rigid irons and it is one of my favorite bondage contraptions. How long were you able to be locked continuously in this device? My bondage endurance was so far 3.5 hours.

  4. BearPaul - You're on! Then I can return the favour!

    Anon - Yep, that is me, probably about 7 years ago. Man boobs still as bit though.

    Anon - Unfortunately I've not spent that much time in them. Definitely nowhere near 3.5 hours - I'm impressed!

  5. Seven years on and your man boobs are the same enormous size?! Groan! Bring me my smelling salts.......

  6. The secret of bondage endurance in double rigid irons is to change positions often... and of course one needs to be relatively flexible. The predicament while bound in this device is the frustration of not been able to reach where one feels itchy.

  7. Do I hear someone bragging?!

  8. Can you really change positions though? I mean, I would imagine you're wrists and ankles are locked in place? Or horny even... ;o)

    I don't know Anon, I find it quite informative! Although maybe if it was bragging he should get 4 hours locked in the device... ;o)

  9. Of course with wrists and ankles rigidly locked there is not much to do in terms of moving. As 'changing positions' I meant changing position from sitting to laying down on one's back (it is more challenging to get back to the former one but nevertheless it is possible with some practice) or if one is initially locked on sitting on a bed it would also be possible to slide slowly towards the edge of the bed so the bottom is now sitting on the edge with the feet touching the floor. Of course all these movements are more challenging and thrilling if combined with sensory deprivation. With the assistance of bondage top(s) it is also possible to carefully roll over the body of the bottom so he faces down. In this case, it is helpful to have a support for the neck.
    I would love to be locked 4 hours (or even more) in this contraption. My love for the tactile sensation of cold and unflexible metal plus the pleasure derived from the sense of complete helplessness generally support me to endure long immobility predicaments. The important point is the fact that his contraption helps me to get into bondage subspace... Although it might sound that I'm bragging about the bondage endurance time, the exact notion of time (3, 4 or more hours) per se is not the main point because time becomes quite blurred while I'm blindfolded.

  10. Oh don't worry I didn't think you were bragging! I like hearing about people's experiences with gear and restraint.

    Thanks for the explanation of positions, I thought that might be what you meant. I imagine you could also be on your stomach with your knees up and arse in the air. Perfect if you wanted a bit of anal play. Although I'm not convinced you'd be able to roll yourself into that postion.

    I agree, it's important to get into the right headspace, sets you up to be able to take what might be coming. Time loses all meaning when you're blindfolded, that's for sure. I've had sessions where I thought 30 minutes had elasped and it was more like 2 hours. But that's part of the fun and disorientation - again all helps with the subspace.

    Nothing like the click of a lock to know you're locked in and fucked... :o)

  11. You are correct that it might be difficult with someone's help to roll oneself to a position in which one is on stomach. Well, at least I never tried. But I was able to start in a locked position on my stomach and roll myself to a sitting position. It was part of a self-bondage experience.
    Other possible positions...
    The most difficult position I experimented was a hogtie while locked on a double rigid iron.
    Two positions that give excellent access while bound on this device were:
    1. Laying on one's back and having the contraption in the air, pulled by a rope, or even better, by a chain.
    2. Suspended in the air by ropes (or on own's stomach on a sling) while locked in the double rigid iron restraint

  12. Interesting that it's easier to go from Stomach to Sitting rather than vice versa...

    Can't disagree with both those positions, sounds very hot indeed!

  13. If you have two sets of 'double rigid irons' it is possible to lock two bottoms with similar physique on top of each other with first bottom's wrists locked to the second bottom's ankles and the the first bottom's ankles locked to the first bottom's wrists. This creates a very hot scene with its own dynamics.

  14. I'm just trying to picture that, and it does sound hot!

  15. I wish I owned a pair of these. I've wanted to try them but never had the chance. I have the wrist-neck-wrist irons; I was locked in them for 7 hours one night. I was both glad and sorry to be released.

  16. I've got the wrist/neck/wrist irons too alphabottom, never been locked in them for that long though. I can understand the glad and sorry aspect to being unlocked...

  17. Hwllo, I liked this image very much, my dream is to be a galley slave, in a ship with two levels, upstairs we row and when we are allowed a pause we are marched downstairs where there is a row of these bars fixed to the ground we are locked in these and stay there, being tiers we fall more or less asleep until the Masters wake us up with whips and then we have to go rowing again.

  18. That's quite a set up in your dream, Anon!