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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Stories - Raw Lust: New Player, New Equation Pt 1

Captor has very kindly continued the bondage adventures of Brad and Rob.  I have to thank him for allowing me to post his stories and supplying this blog with some great material. Hope you enjoy the continuing story, I know I have!  The story carries on where Brad was dropped off...


  Brad breathed in the clean air and heard the occasional calls of squirrels. He was sure he was in some wooded area. He heard an approaching car. He prayed it should be Rob!  It crunched to a stop. A door opened and Brad could have wept with relief when he heard the deep boom of Rob's voice, "Hey! Look what I found! What a sight for sore eyes! Hahaha!"  Rob's booming laughter would've certainly frightened the squirrels and wrens in the woods. 

 "How did you land up here, mate?! Who's the bastard who left you like this?"  Brad heard him muttering 'Fucks' before his blindfold was removed. It was such a relief seeing the friendly mammoth figure of Rob!  He had worn a white T shirt that looked as though it was painted on to his torso! And the usual, obscenely tight old jeans! Brad couldn't take his eyes off those impossibly huge and dense pecs. His eyes also took in those massive thighs threatening to burst the seams of the skin tight jeans! And of course that prominent tell tale bulge!  Brad's cock responded very promptly. He squirmed at the discomfort.

 Rob was about to take Brad's gag off when he gave a devilish smile and stood in front of his bound friend.  Rob stood with his thick legs apart and swayed from side to side, all the while gazing at the helpless Brad. He brought his hands to his own humongous pec beef and slowly fondled it. Brad noticed Rob's nipples poke through the T shirt.  Humming softly, Rob brought his beefy hands to Brad's immense man boobs. He asked, "Hey! What the hell's that?!" just as Brad grunted and Rob's fingers felt the clamps beneath his T shirt. Rob lifted the tied up man's T shirt. Brad writhed as the T shirt rubbed against the clamps on his nipples. 

  "Wow! Look what we have here!" Rob exclaimed. "And what's this key?!" he asked. Brad peered down and saw a ring with a key hanging from the chain between the clamps clamps. He was relieved! It was the key to the handcuffs. He huffed and puffed in his gag and moved his body around to indicate his cuffed wrists. "Aah! The key to your handcuffs, eh?" Rob asked. Brad noticed a devilish glint in his eyes. Rob carefully took off the clamps from his friend's nipples. Brad let out a pain filled howl. 

"Must hurt you like hell!" Rob said and brought his lips to one of the nipples and licked it slowly before treating the other one with his tongue. "God! Can't control myself anymore, Brad! Damn sorry!"


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