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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Vids - Bound Muscle - Dominik Mann Horsewhipped Part 1

I love me a bit of Dominik Mann and the Bound Muscle videos he stars in...here he's tied to a saw horse, with some rough hemp rope...


  1. That rough hemp rope triggered a memory! There was this story called 'The Personal Interview' where ave is hogtied with hemp rope. I drooled at the pics of chubby Dave hogtied and nipple clamped. Got a boner all over again

  2. Oh I remember that...hmmm...glad it triggered a memory...hehehe...

  3. I wonder if a sort of a sequel to this could be arranged. An interested,wealthy sightseer from an Arab country whom Dave escorts in London. It becomes clear to Dave that this rich dude has his own agenda....How does the idea strike you?

  4. Now that sounds like a lot of fun... ;o)