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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Vids - Bondissimo - Double Chair Tied (Re-Post)

Re-posting this Bondissimo post. What I say still stands...

I'm very much in awe of Bondissimo and his bondage work.  He is very inventive and skilled in the way he deals with his captives.  It's no wonder he's got lots of guys willing to get tied up, and who go back for repeat torment too.  I approached Bondissimo a few weeks ago and asked if I might use some of his videos on my blog and lucky for me he said yes.

In this clip we have double trouble as he gets two guys bound up.  They are tied together on chairs, ropes pulled tight against their bodies.  Once they are suitably restrained, they're given the treatment with a crop, and also have their nipples clamped and worked over.  Later on in the clip, the chubbier guy is tied to a wooden post in quite a predicament.  He has nipple clamps pulled out forward and tied off to the opposite post, and then out comes the crop again, ready to redden his flesh, knowing he can't move to avoid the sting...

If you want to see more of what Bondissimo gets up to, you can check out his site - Bondissimo

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