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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Vids - Buff And Bound - A-Train Bed Bound (re-post)

More re-posting for you guys.  One from the vaults...

A-train is bound spread-eagled on a bed, his hunky body played with by Buff and Bound.  The poor boy.  But we're not complaining.


  1. Every muscle oiled & massaged......except the one that REALLY counts! Still, he struggled nicely LOL

  2. And that's what makes it so fun... ;o)

  3. Now that's the way to have a full body massage ;). Woof Woof!!

  4. Wish someone would give me a massage like that! LOL

  5. do u have anymore buff and bound vids they are so hot

  6. Some, but they will appear on the blog in due course. If you want to see what has been posted to the blog, check the Labels at the bottom of the page.