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Monday, 12 January 2015

A Message About Captured Guys

I recently had a comment posted on one of the Captured Guys videos from someone who hasn't identified who they are, but who I believe is connected to Captured Guys or is the owner of Captured Guys.

He has asked me to stop posting Captured Guys videos.  I understand why he has asked this, because it is his product and copyright, and as my blog says, if people ask me in good faith to stop posting material then I will.

I did point out in my reply that on every Captured Guys post, I link to the website and always encourage everyone to check out his site and sign up.  And I still reiterate the now; if you're a fan of his material and like what he does, then you can sign up here - Captured Guys.  The monthly subscription isn't that much, and the content he posts (and archive material) is really great.  There is so much to enjoy.

You might be wondering why I'm still promoting his site, after he's asked me to stop posting material. Well, I hold no ill will, and I very much believe in what he posts, and enjoy the material.  I still think he's got some really great models and shoots, and I want to support his site in a raft of Tumblr sites who are re-posting/re-blogging without acknowledging where the material came from.

I have asked the owner/representative to get in contact with me, so we could possibly work something out.  But as it stands there will be no more Captured Guys videos posted on this blog, as from today.  I'm presuming the photos are still okay to be posted.  Until I hear different, I shall continue to post.

If the owner/representative is reading, please get in contact if you'd like to work something out, because as I said in my comment, it would be sad to see the material disappear from my blog completely.

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