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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Vids - Bearbound - Captured Cop Pt 1

This is a great Bearbound scene.  Dart has Ironhorse right where he wants him.  I'm sure many of us dream of doing the same thing.  You can check out Dart's personal website here.


  1. OH HELL YES!!!! Love me some Ironhorse!!!!!! Hopefully you have more!!?? I miss the Bearbound site loved the vids and pic of him in bondage.....damn good looking man!!! One of the last vids I remember is of him and Dart, with him in leather cowboy gear and Dart having kidnapped him and roping and gagging him!!

  2. I do have more of Ironhorse, don't you worry. ;o)

  3. Oh please post more vids of this sexy bear! I love ironhorse so much!!

  4. If you go searching in the archives, you'll find more of Ironhorse...

  5. I know I've already seen all the pics you've posted so far.

  6. Well I may have more to post of him at some point...

    1. Is there anyway I can download these? I know you could from the old bearbound site but since it closed down I can't find any good vids anywhere

  7. Unfortunately there is no place to download them. I managed to copy the files when I was a paying member, many moons ago...