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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Vids - Bearbound - DavieBear (Re-Post)

Another blast from Bearbound past!

I found this big hottie over on Bearbound (where else!)  He looks mighty fine in his overalls and even better accompanied by lots of ropes woven against his flesh.  Tied on the bed or tied to a chair, it doesn't matter as long as he's kept tied!


  1. Groan! Wish that beefy bound bear were someone else! :-)

  2. There's this hot bear I know in England! Man boobs and huge nipples to make even the Pope go cock eyed! ;-)

  3. If I even entertain you could be talking about me, I thank you for the compliment. It doesn't come easy to me!

  4. Could be you if you're the hottie bear with huge man boobs and extra large nipples all tied up and squirming helplessly in his bonds..........

  5. Well that does sound like me! LOL